Robotics Class #5

Hi Robotics Class… This is half way through the Advanced Robotics Class I. So far we have accomplished the following: 1. students have programmed the robot themselves. Very small steps, but a program is a program. 2. students have been asked to record sensor data, tabulate the data, and plot the data. The students are […]

Class #4 Recap

We had a great class this week. We reviewed core concepts and discussed the electromagnetic spectrum. Then we learned about Infrared Remote Controls. Finally we built a program to read the light sensor on our robot and display the values. Each student created a graph showing the different values for bright, ambient and dark lighting. […]

Robotics Class #4

Hi Robotics Class… I hope all is well. We will have our fourth robotics class today!  The students seem to enjoy the classes, and have a lot of expectations. Too many things to do, but too little time to do them. We are trying to be methodic in our approach, but the students want to […]

How-to Program Your Robot

Your robot has an Arduino micro-controller as it’s brain. By progamming this controller you can make your robot do almost anything. Here’s what you’ll need to use the programs on this site and to write your own programs: Windows or Mac computer USB Programming Cable (included in your robot kit) Arduino IDE software (free Internet […]

robotics class #3

Hi Robotics Class… I hope all is well. Today Tuesday September 24th we have our third robotics meeting. Today in this class we have to have an interim pause to fix some of the student’s robots. Some of the robots did not work properly, and we need to fix them. This will take most of […]

robotics update

Hi… I hope all is well. Tomorrow Tuesday, September 17 we have our second robotics class. In this class we will explore new concepts such as actuators and end effectors. Some items: 1. students should bring their folders with the lesson 1 already in it.  Please print lesson 2 (attached) and add it to the […]

welcome to robotics…

Hi Robotics Class… I hope all is well. I wanted to welcome you to the Advanced Robotics Class.  The first class will take place this Tuesday, and Mr. Lee Blakely will be a co-instructor for the class. We base the class on the national accredited 4-H robotics curriculum  (, but we adapt the material to […]