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Lesson 2 Recap

Great class this week! We started building our new robots. The first day of building is always a challenge because everybody is new to the tools and understanding how the pieces come together.  We assembled the chassis and mount the four motors that will drive the wheels. The students worked in teams of two. As […]

Lesson 1 Recap

Great robotics class last week! We did the following: Discussed class procedures and safety rules. Reviewed basic concepts from previous classes. Used a solder-less breadboard, batteries, LED and resistor to build a simple circuit that turned on the LED. Introduction to SNAP graphical programming language. I was amazed at how fast the students picked up […]

Class #2 Recap

Wow what a great day we had yesterday! It’s an absolute pleasure to get to interact with such a great group of kids. Everyone of them seemed engaged and enthusiastic about what we’re doing.  Here’s a recap …. We started with a presentation on electricity and some basic electronic components – batteries, switches, LEDs, resistors […]

Intro Class #1

We had a great class today! I want to thank everybody for letting your children attend and take a few minutes to share what we did. Class started with introductions and then we had a presentation about robots – What Is A Robot? We’re learning what a robot is and what elements are common to […]