Project Hercules – Part 1 – Assemble Chassis & Install Motors

In Part 1 we’re going to assemble the chassis and mount the motors. Let’s get started!

1. Open the box and unpack the kit:




Identify the following parts that we’ll need for Part 1:

  • 2 – short green side rail
  • 2 – long green side¬†rail
  • 4 – angle brackets (silver)
  • 16 – M4 x 8 black hex screws
  • 8 – M3 x 10 screws (silver)
  • 1 – bottom panel
  • allen wrench
  • Philips screwdrivver


2. Attach angle brackets to long side rails.

As shown in the following pictures, attach one angle bracket to each end of the two long side rails. The holes in the angle bracket will only line up one way with the side rail so they cannot be installed backwards. Use two black hex screws from the outside of the rail to secure the bracket. The angle bracket holes are threaded so no nut is required on the screw.



The completed rails should look like this:


 3. Connect front/rear rails to side rails

Start by connecting a front/rear rail to one of the long side rails using the angle bracket. As you can see in the photo, when correctly aligned the side and front/rear rails will form a tight joint. Use two black hex screws on each joint.



Next repeat the process with the other side rail so that you have one front/rear rail with both side rails connected:


Remove the paper backing from the front and back of the bottom panel and slide the panel into the partially completed chassis:


Notice that the chassis is turned so that the side rail lips are down. No screws are needed in the bottom panel right now. It should remain loose until the controller is installed in a later step.

Finally install the remaining front/rear rail:


4. Install motors

There are are four motors in the kit. Two of the motors have “encoders” on the back of the motor. The following image shows a regular motor on top and a motor with encoder below.


The motors with encoder will be installed in the back of the robot. The regular motors will be installed in the front. The chassis is symmetrical so there is no designated front and rear until you choose where to install the motors. The following photo show the correct motors placed next to the chassis.


Starting with the rear motors (with encoder), slide the shaft into to hole in the side rail. Rotate the motor as shown in the diagram so that the wires are at about 45 degrees and two opposite holes align through the side rail:


Secure the motor with two silver M3 x 10 screws.


Repeat for the remaining three motors.



That completes the first part of the Hercules project.

The transparent bottom panel is one of the cool features of this kit. Turn the chassis over and notice that you can see the motors!






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