Robotics Class #6 Recap

This was our second week building our robot and we made huge progress. Each student completed the following tasks:

  • Unpacked main board and installed brass standoffs for later use in mounting the controller.
  • Mounted the battery on the bottom of the main board using Velcro and a wire tie.
  • Connected the battery and charging connector to the main board.
  • Tested main board power.
  • Mounted the main board to the chassis.
  • Mounted the controller to the main board.
  • Connected controller power to the main board and tested controller power.
  • Routed motor wires from chassis to controller.

This was a tremendous amount of work and they did a great job. Check out the photos below.

Special thanks goes to this week’s parent volunteers:

  • Chris┬áMagryta
  • Miriam┬áJacobson
  • Mr Simon (Dr Simon’s father)

We couldn’t have done it without their help.

Looking forward to next week when we’ll:

  • Finish connecting motors to the main board.
  • Upload motor test program to controller and verify motor wiring.
  • Install wheels
  • Install upper desk
  • Install IR sensors

Thanks again for everyone’s help and participation.

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