Intro Class Welcome

Welcome to the Spring 2014 session of Introduction to Robotics! The class will be led by Lee Blakely with guidance and support from Dr Miguel Simon and Chris VanAmburg.

The class is a prerequisite for the advanced classes (Advanced Robotics I, II, III) led by Dr Simon.

Our objectives are:

1. students introduction to a world of three dimensional engineering where we encourage the students to touch, experiment, measure, actuate, ask and actively participate in their robotics project.

2. facilitate an avenue for students to have real-world interaction with real-world engineering problems.

3. have fun while learning. Students will be encourage to learn by having fun.

This is a time in which the instructors (Mr. Lee and Dr. Simon) will be having as much fun as the students themselves. This is a time when the students will always try again. This is a time where ‘failure’ is always an option. We simply will learn what not to do, and and then do things another way. I hope that your student will join us in a journey of learning that will last a lifetime. Please joint us with your students in this adventure of practical robotics engineering. Learning is a lasting frontier.

On the technical side, we will be using aspects of the 4-H Robotics Curriculum, but will maintain our free style that is particular to our needs at Woodlawn.

We use the Arduino platform because this platform is both powerful and yet easily accessible to our young robotics engineers.

We also use robotics parts from a number of sources such as RobotShop, Adafruit, and DFRobot. There are many more useful and helpful sites, but these are some of the best sources of DIY robotic parts.

Most of the cost of the class goes toward the acquisition of the hardware that the students use. Both Mr. Lee and Dr. Simon happily and eagerly donate their time for this endeavor.

Parents are invite to participate. We can always use help in class. If you can attend a class, drop us an email or just show up!

We have website for the class here:

We be posting pictures and supporting information here.

Also we’ve setup a mailing list with the parent’s addresses for all students. We’ll use this list for class announcements.

Here’s the class schedule schedule showing the dates of each class and the topics that we’re planning to cover:

We’re going to be working with complex technology and tools. To ensure safety and equal enjoyment for everybody we need to have a few class rules:

1. Please arrive for class not later then 3:30PM. If you arrive early then please wait outside the classroom. Bookbags, lunchboxes, etc should be left against the wall outside the classroom.

2. Please finish all snacks before entering class. No food or drinks will be allowed in the classroom.

3. Please be respectful you the instructors, parents and other students in the class. If you have a question or comment please raise your hand and wait your turn.

Please review these rules with your child so they are aware of the importance.

Miguel Simon
Lee Blakely

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