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DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

For Lesson 3 in the Intro class on of our measurement exercises uses an Arduino Mega with a DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor. Here’s the  product page for the DHT11: Here’s the wiki page showing the setup: Here’s the library needed: And finally, here’s the code. The code is slightly modified from […]

Class #2 Recap

Wow what a great day we had yesterday! It’s an absolute pleasure to get to interact with such a great group of kids. Everyone of them seemed engaged and enthusiastic about what we’re doing.  Here’s a recap …. We started with a presentation on electricity and some basic electronic components – batteries, switches, LEDs, resistors […]


Soldering is a common method for connecting components in electronics. In both the Intro and Advanced robotics classes we’ll be doing some soldering as part of the robot assembly. I wanted to provide some reference materials about soldering for instructors and parents. Here’s the soldering iron that we’ll be using in class: Here’s a […]

Intro Class #1

We had a great class today! I want to thank everybody for letting your children attend and take a few minutes to share what we did. Class started with introductions and then we had a presentation about robots – What Is A Robot? We’re learning what a robot is and what elements are common to […]