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Laptops Needed

We’re hoping to let the students get more experience programming their robots in class. Unfortunately we have only two laptops available. So we wanted to let everybody know of the need and see if anybody has a old or spare laptop that we could use temporarily for the class. Either Mac or Windows should be […]

Class #7 Recap

Wow! Great class today! We had a visitor – a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. We discussed the sensors, actuators and end effectors that our visitor was equipped with. Next we discussed sound … what it is (vibrations in the air), where it can be heard (under water but not in space) and how it’s measured […]

Robotics Class #7

Greetings Woodlawn Robotics Class! Dr. Simon is travelling this week so I’ll be teaching the class. We’re going to: Continue our discussion of sound and sensors that can measure sound. Observe different sounds on an oscilloscope and discuss frequency and amplitude. Do an experiment where we program the buzzer on the robot to emit sound […]

Class #6 Recap

We had a great class today. We started with a review of core concepts and then had our first quiz! Everybody did a great job. They’re really getting the core concepts that we’re trying to teach. After the quiz, Dr. Simon talked with the class about sound and hearing and how we could give these […]

Robotics Class #6

Hi Robotics Class… I hope all is well. Today we begin the second part of the class. We will begin to learn and integrate the sound sensors onto our robots. The goal is to have the robots obey voice commands, but also to teach our students about the various physical processes that take place in […]